Our story

Honesty and punctuality since 1952
A lifetime of energy

Expertise and human value

The story of Turriziani began over 60 years ago with the transport and supply of fuel throughout the province of Frosinone and the construction of the historic first installation in 1952, and has continued under the motto ‘honesty and punctuality’ coined by the late Luigi Turriziani, co-founder of the company, who passed away in 2015.

A mission of value

Looking to the future

We are the Domenico Turriziani Group and our driving force is the ambition to propose ever new solutions on the market and offer our customers the best integrated management of all resources, both traditional and renewable.
Propose sustainable solutions, derived from efficient processing of the sources that nature offers, with theaim of generating value over time.
Our Group caters for families, suppliers, partners and SMEs with solutions thatstrong>improve the quality of life and work. By focusing on different types of markets, our Group is able to meet needs with dynamic and innovative approaches. For SMEs, the proposed resources are geared towards generating an economic advantage in order to make them more competitive. For private individuals, providing an easily identifiable distribution network with product and quality guarantees enables them to create safe and reliable travel experiences. With experience handed down through generations, we look to the future with a sustainable and responsible approach.

A history spanning generations

The first installation

Construction of the first installation and first service station by the two Turriziani brothers, founders of the company.

A new reality

Division of the business between the two family groups.

The energy of tomorrow

Expansion of the market towards alternative and renewable energies.

Acquisition completed

Completion of the acquisition of the entire business by Domenico Turriziani.


The customer is our focus

Expertise and precision

Proven expertise and precision enable us to maintain high performance in every area of the energy products and services business.

Towards the future

The expansion into the alternative and renewable energy market, through the company Elettra Energy srl, and the construction of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) installation for automotive use, are evidence of the company's forward-looking entrepreneurial outlook.

3 September 1952

The first installation

Reading this document is like stepping into a time machine.
It was on 3 September 1952 that the Turriziani Group opened its first petrol station, granted by the Prefect of the Province of Frosinone. That was the beginning of a story that has endured for over 60 years.

The complete document from 1952

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More than 60 years of experience