Hydroelectric energy

Sustainability around us.

Inexhaustible and clean sources

Hydroelectric energy

Another green source present on our planet in inexhaustible quantities is water. Through the hydrogeological cycle, water evaporating from the seas forms clouds that will fall as rain or snow, flowing back into the seas.
By harnessing the movement of these water masses it is possible to activate a process that leads to the production of energy. Hydropower is therefore a sustainable and non-polluting source of electricity.

The energies of the earth

Two of the Group’s hydroelectric power stations

  • In Italy, located in Fara S. Martino, in the province of Chieti, on the Verde river
  • In Romania on the river Halmagel.

A bright future

The expansion into the alternative and renewable energy market, through the company Elettra Energy srl, and the construction of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) installation for automotive use, are evidence of the company’s forward-looking entrepreneurial outlook.

Reliability and professionalism

A tradition handed down through the generations with an eye towards the future.

In Italy

In Romania

Renewable Sources

We produce sustainable energy

2,8 MW

Total power output