Solar Energy

New energies

Photovoltaic installations

The first renewable source of energy we tend to think of is the sun. This inexhaustible resource is exploited by the Turriziani Group to produce energy through a photovoltaic installation. This innovative technology collects the sun’s rays and, through a processing process, transforms them into electrical energy, ensuring a significant reduction in environmental impact and a better quality of life and supply.

We produce sustainability

The Group’s modern solar energy production installation with biaxial trackers is located in Pontinia in the province of Latina.

For a green future

The expansion into the alternative and renewable energy market, through the company Elettra Energy srl, and the construction of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) installation for automotive use, are evidence of the company’s forward-looking entrepreneurial outlook.

A mission of value

Innovative choices for a responsible future

We have an efficient organisation of collaborators
who work with proven professionalism,
enthusiasm and expertise.

Renewable sources of energies

Environment, sustainability and new energies

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