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Fuels for travellers

A nationwide presence in the provinces of Frosinone, Rieti, Latina, Rome, Isernia and Campobasso is ensured by an extensive network of service stations. 
Our facilities also include environmentally friendly fuels such as LPG and natural gas, as well as car washes and refreshment areas to make the service complete and pleasant for every motorist.

Courtesy and professionalism of the individual managers are the added values, chosen to meet the needs of each customer with the aim of creating loyalty and mutual satisfaction.

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Loyalty means offering services to which a customer refers. Services that have an added value compared to how they are offered by the usual average market.

Richness of the proposal, courtesy of the managers, availability and general presentation of the services are the essential components that make the services unique.

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2021, the time for sustainable change: LNG and biomethane for Green Mobility

Clean energy

LNG | Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons whose major component is methane. It is a source ofe clean energy, it respects the environment and the people’s health. Kept in liquid form at -160, carbon dioxide emissions are very low and the fine dust non-existent.

The new plant is added to the 6 plants in the provinces of Rome and Frosinone and to the 90 of the entire national territory.

The Domenico Turriziani Group thus becomes part of the Italian excellences of the market sector in which it operates.

Biomethane, a ready resource

CNG | Compressed Natural Gas

Produced by organic fraction processes of urban waste or agricultural and agri-food waste, biomethane is one of the main players in green mobility in the near future. It is used as fuel to power motor vehicles as natural gas or methane of fossil origin.

The distribution of biomethane is in fact one of the aspects on which the company is focused to propose alternative fuels capable of promoting the development of an increasingly sustainable mobility.

LNG and Biomethane

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Numbers and services

40 Total facilities
29 Owned facilities
9 Contracted facilities
Partner: Q8, Repsol, ADG, assopetroli assoenergia, snam4mobility, tamoil, Smaf
Green fuels: LPG, Methane, LNG
Range of non-oil services: refreshments, car care, driver services.
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