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Honesty and punctuality since 1952.

An integrated vision for the future

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We operate in the field of supplying and transporting fuels, combustibles and lubricants. We have decades of experience in this sector and are still continuing a business that began over 60 years ago. The company is based in Frosinone and has an efficient organisation of collaborators who work with proven professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise..

360° energy

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Always with an eye on innovation and well-being, the Domenico Turriziani Group is committed to offering its customers guaranteed services, quality and professionalism. With respect for the environment, the Group offers services aimed at improving performance. The Group’s strength lies in offering the market the best solutions, oriented towards environmental sustainability, to generate value over time.

A look ahead

The commitment, the business strategy and the attention constant attention paid to the customer, have made possible in recent years the significant growth of the company and its development on the territory. Thus giving continuity to a tradition handed down for generations with an eye to the future.

New energy

Today the company is a complete reality that deals with both traditional and alternative energy supply. In fact, in addition to the core business, mainly represented by the trade and transport of petroleum products and fuels, collateral activities have been developed as a result of a diversification process aimed at renewable energy.

We strongly believe in customer loyalty achieved through a combination of professionalism, convenience, after-sales support and additional services.


The Group’s customers,
both for services dedicated to the Retail Network
and for Wholesale supplies,
are located throughout
Central Italy.

Quality and attention to demand

A special team

We have an efficient organisation of collaborators who work with proven professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise.

We sustain the future

Group companies

Turriziani Energia SRL

Elettra Energy SRL

Domenico Turriziani SRL

Our partners

We work together with other parties to propose solutions designed to serve individuals and companies.